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Be part of the world's first music lesson and jam track sharing site. Get yourself famous at Riffeo!
Upload your favorite licks, riffs, lessons, songs, jam tracks, whatever you can contribute to help others learn and have fun with their instrument!

You have plenty to share - and others want to learn what you know: If you think about all you know about how to play your instrument, there's a lot. Songs, techniques, riffs, scales, tricks, insights, etc. - it's time to share what you know with the rest of us. And in return, we'll share with you.

Riffeo is 100% free at this time. Someday we will probably get more serious about paying the bills but for now, go crazy and enjoy the site.

If you can demonstrate how to play something, a lesson, a song, or whatever - or you know a cool riff, or maybe you are a composer and can record a jam track - upload it today.

We need your help - get your video camera and make a couple videos today.

Our goal is to create a library of "how to play it" videos. Even if you're not a seasoned musician with years experience, you probably have knowledge that will help others like you learn to play.

Why Riffeo? Because we believe that the army of musicians out there is well suited to teach each other. If you love music, teach others to enjoy it like you do.

Help us enable the whole world to love to play music - upload your own instructional videos and jam tracks to Riffeo today and join the revolution.

Riffeo who? Riffeo Networks, Inc. was founded by Tim Donahue, an avid guitar player and internet junkie. He loves to play, loves to learn, and has a lot of friends who want to learn to play. So it seemed natural to create a site devoted to users teaching users to play. Riffeo Networks, Inc. was born in Davis, California.



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