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The answers to (almost) ALL your questions are directly below.
Please browse the topics below to get immediate help.

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Uploading Questions
How To Upload >>
Upload Troubleshooting >>

Viewing and Downloading Questions
Viewing Videos >>
Downloading Jam Tracks >>

For Jam Track Composers
General Info >>  
Upload Troubleshooting >>  

User Account
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Usage & Sharing
Usage Questions >>

Is Riffeo free?
Yes for the time being everything is 100% free. We will probably start offering some files for sale (most will always be free) at some time but for now, have fun!

How do I upload videos ?
Sign up, click "Upload" tab on homepage and you're off to the races :-)

Can I upload anything I want ?
We ask that you upload music related material only. No porn or other off topic files. We encourage you to upload educational or jam track oriented files, since we want to create the largest video music learning community.

Can I download videos?
Not at this time. You can watch em all you want though. :-)

Can I download jam tracks?
Yes - click the download file button on the jam track detail page.

Why isn't the video or jam track I uploaded live on the site yet?

How do I share Riffeo files with others?

Are there limits to how or what I use jam tracks for?


Uploading Questions

How do I upload videos ?
Sign up, click "Upload" tab on homepage and you're off to the races :-)

What file formats do you accept?

Video files: MPG, AVI, WMV and MOV

Audio files: MP3.

How large can my uploaded videos or jam tracks be?
At this time we are limiting to 50 MG. We will probably increase that in the future.

I've uploaded my video or jam track, where is it?
After uploading, your file should appear on the live site within an hour or less normally. If we are really busy maybe a little longer.

Upload Troubleshooting:

How can I upload ?
You have two choices: Uploading Video (.mov, .avi, .mpg, or .wmv format) files or AUDIO (.mp3 format) Jam Tracks. Login, then click "Upload". First you will have to pass the File Uploading Test just once to make sure you understand the ground rules. You will taken there automatically and then afterward you can upload immediately.

I've uploaded my file, where is it? What is happening?
In your User Account : Uploads Tab area there is a link for your Uploaded Photos Status. Try that link to see what is happening. Pending means it's in the approval queue. Approvals take a few days...unless we get really slammed with photos (this happens). We are working night and day to keep the Approvals going, so thank you for your patience. :-).

My video looks terrible. Why is that?
Chances are it looked terrible before you uploaded it... our compression system tries to keep your file looking as good as possible, so double check your file and see if that's the problem.

If that doesn't work, there may have been an upload error, or you uploaded the wrong file type etc. if that doesn't do it, please log in, then contact Support Here and let us know exactly what is happening.

Viewing and Downloading Questions

How do I view the videos or listen to the jam tracks?
Sign up here (it's free) if you haven't yet... then go here and search for anything you want. :-)

The video doesn't play... I get a blank screen or video?
Chances are your browser is pretty old or doesn't have the Adobe Flash plug-in. Please try upgrading both or either. At this time the videos play on about 99% of computers.

Can I use the videos or jam tracks for anything I want?
Almost. They are intended to be used for educational purposes mainly. View the videos, learn from the players in the videos or download and jam with the jam tracks as much as you like.

But please do not re-sell, or re-distribute the files unless of course you are the author/creator of the files.

Can I download videos?
Not at this time. You can watch em all you want though. :-) We may allow downloading for a small fee in the future.

Can I download jam tracks?
Yes - click the download file button on the jam track detail page.

For Jam Track Composers

What is a Jam Track?
A jam track is a multi track recording with no lead instrument, or lead instrument "hints" only. Typically there are drums and bass at least, sometimes keyboards or guitars or other instruments.

If you are an instrumentalist you can solo or jam with these tracks and refine your improvisational skills.

How do I upload Jam Tracks?
Presumably you have a computer or home studio of some kind. These days a lot of musicians know how to make nice multi-track recordings - so use your skill and talent to create some background jam tracks for Riffeo users to jam or solo over.

What kind of Jam Track music can I upload? Rock? Jazz? Classical? Blues? Country? Reggae? etc.?
Any kind you like! We are personally partial to rock and blues... but we are counting on users to upload all their favorite styles.

What software can I get to record Jam Tracks?
There are a lot of choices in cheap or free multi-track software these days. Google it. We really like Apple's Garageband for ease of use, the extra beats, loops and processing features that come with it.

Jam Track Upload Troubleshooting
You must be uploading an MP3 if you are uploading a jam track. The file size cannot exceed 20MB. Make sure you have javascrip tenabled in your browser and your browser is up to date or at least no more than a year old.

Login Troubleshooting:

Forgot my password.
The Contact Us page has a form for retrieving your password and login info. Make you sure aren't blocking the automatic email we send to you with anti-spam software.

I am having trouble logging in - what can I do?
You will need a user account in order to log in, so please sign up (it's free) first if you have not done so already.

Next let's determine if you are logged in now or not - if you see under the Riffeo logo at top left of page the message "My Account" then you are already logged in.

If you see "please login or register free" then you are not logged in.

If you know your login name and password, enter them in the Login and Password fields and click "Go" - you will be logged in.

Seethe item above if you forgot your password.

Still can't log in? Try these steps:

1. Log out by clicking here... then try to log in again at the top of this screen.

2. Delete Session Cookies and Browser Cookies: If that doesn't work, try deleting all your web browser cookies and cache from this site... if you're using Internet Explorer, at the VERY TOP of your browser, under the blue bar, click "Tools... Internet Options.... " then in the second area labeled "Temporary Internet Files" click "Delete Cookies" and if needed "Delete Files" also... then click "Apply"

Try logging in again. Make sure you are typing your USERNAME and PASSWORD just as you created them, and clicking the little green "Go" button.



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